Quests: Our Primary Building Block

Quests combine both on + off-chain actions to guide users through leading Web3 wallets, chains, and decentralized applications. By completing a Quest, Layer3 instantly verifies an on-chain action is complete before unlocking the next step.

  • Supported Chains: Avalanche, Arbitrum, Aurora, Base, Cosmos, Gnosis, Optimism, Polygon PoS, Polygon zkEVM, Ethereum, Solana, zkSync Era, BNB, and more.

  • Supported Wallets: Metamask, Wallet Connect, Coinbase Wallet, Keplr (Cosmos), Phantom (Solana and EVM), and Brave Wallet (Solana and EVM).

By exploring Quests, users gain experience points (XP), Achievements & Chests, Discord Roles, tokens, or NFT trophies – all while competing to climb the Leaderboard. Social activations via Twitter and Discord unlock virality and community-building in the process.

Here’s a live Quest walkthrough:

Onchain Actions

Quests can be fully customized with our no-code builder tool while onchain actions can be triggered by any of the following:

  • Smart Contract Interaction: Verify that a user interacted with one or more smart contracts. You can specify the ‘chain’, ‘contract’, ‘time’, ‘MethodID’, and ‘amount’. I.e. Swap at least $10 USDC after Jan 8 on Uniswap.

  • Hold Token: Verify that a user has a token in their wallet at a specific amount and token type. I.e. Hold at least $8 DAI on Arbitrum.

  • Hold NFT: Verify that a user has an ‘NFT’ in their wallet. Can specify ‘contract’ and ‘type(ERC1155/ERC721)’. I.e. Hold a BAYC.

  • Token Transfers: Verify that any amount of a token was transferred from any address to another. I.e. Transfer at least 1 ETH to vitalik.eth

  • Specify Wallet: Verify that a specific ‘wallet’ is used. I.e. Use Phantom Wallet to complete this Quest.

  • Swap or Bridge: Via our native Bridge or Swap feature, users can seamlessly transfer tokens or assets on or across any chain. I.e. Swap to at least 1 USDC on Base

Informative Content

While unlocking a multiverse of chains, wallets, and decentralized applications – Quests are designed to be deeply immersive and educational by pairing onchain actions with:

  • Info Cards: Include a combination of ‘text’ and embedded ‘multimedia content’ to educate users. I.e. Watch this video to learn about Uniswap’s new wallet app.

  • Polls: Ask a series of ‘multiple-selection’, ‘single-selection’, or ‘text input’ questions. I.e. What chain do you want Uniswap to support next?

  • Open Links: Verify that a user visited an ‘external link’ I.e. Click on the link below and read about Phantom’s new EVM wallet

  • Quizzes: Ask a series of single-selection questions with ‘one or multiple correct answers’. I.e. What chains does Layer3 support?

Social Steps

'Connected’ steps (i.e. ‘Wallet Connected’, ‘Discord Connected’, ‘Twitter Connected’, ‘Github Connected’, ‘Email Connected’, etc.) can verify social steps or add channels to their Layer3 profiles:

  • Twitter/X Action: Ask users to `follow` a X account or `repost’ an announcement. (Note: Twitter actions are not verified by Layer3 and are technically optional.)

  • Join Discord: Verify that a user is a member of your Discord server.

Other Steps

We enable several miscellaneous actions as well (let us know any other helpful features, and we will build it!):

  • Wait Step: This requires users to `wait for a period of time` before the next action. I.e. Hold your deposit for 3 days to unlock the next step.

  • Custom REST Integration: Via a `REST API endpoint` we can track custom actions in your product or app that cannot be verified easily through any other methods. I.e. Sign up for the Phantom newsletter to complete this step.

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