Frequently Asked Questions

1) How does Layer3 work?

Layer3 is a platform that enables anyone to discover crypto. We curate unique, interactive onchain experiences (Quests) that enable anyone—regardless of skill—to explore the magic of crypto-tech.

2) What is the purpose or utility of XP?

Earn XP by completing Quests on Layer3. XP is determined by the difficulty of each Quest and the steps required to complete them. XP also influences your Level on Layer3 which can be seen on your User Profile and our Leaderboard. Accruing XP and levelling up can unlock access to exclusive Quests, giveaways, and rewards.

3) What are Chests?

In addition to the XP and NFTs you can already find completing quests, many Quests will reward chests. Each chest you encounter on your journey through Layer3 contains rewards in the form of XP and exclusive digital collectibles. Read more here.

4) Can I disconnect my wallet or social profiles from my Layer3 profile?

In order to prevent spam, we do not allow users to disconnect their wallet or social profiles unless absolutely necessary. You can attach multiple wallets to the same user profile using our multi-wallet feature.

5) Can my project use Layer3 to reach and acquire users?

Fill out our onboarding form here.

6) Does Layer3 have a token/will there be an airdrop in the future?

We currently do not have a token. We do not have an airdrop planned for the near future! Completing tasks on our website do not guarantee a future airdrop. All mentions otherwise is spam or unaffiliated with our project.

7) How does XP work? Can you give me XP or change my XP?

The only way you can earn XP on Layer3 is by completing Quests. There is no other way to earn XP, and we do not change the XP of individuals for any reason. We will never offer to give you additional XP or take away your XP. Be wary of anyone claiming to do so!

In addition, you can collect CUBEs to activate XP Boosts in the Rewards Hub.

8) Where can I get notified of new Quests?

Remember to turn your notifications ON for Discord! All new Quests will be posted in #announcements in our Discord.

DISCLAIMER: You should complete Quests on Layer3 with the acknowledgment that you alone have the ability to determine how much gas, transaction fees, or crypto you want to spend. Please don't spend more than you're willing to lose. Our Quests are not intended as financial advice, and it is extremely important to do your own research into each protocol before proceeding. Remember - you are responsible for your own funds! We do not have access to your private keys or your seed phrase!

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