What are they?

Quests are a combination of on & off-chain actions that guide users on a journey through a crypto product.
As users complete actions, Layer3 instantly verifies that the user has completed the actions before unlocking the next step.
Users receive experience points (XP), Layer3 Achievements, and commemorative NFTs for participating.
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How do they work?

  • Users select which Quest they want to participate in by visiting the Explore page
  • Users complete actions (answer quiz, make a swap, mint in-game sword, etc)
  • Layer3 instantly verifies that the user completed the action before unlocking the next
  • Users receive Experience Points (XP), and in some cases will also receive an off-chain Achievement and/or Commemorative NFT

Want to participate?

Take a look at our Explore Page.

Want to use Layer3 to grow your user base?

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