Tokens & Dynamic Rewards

Users, Creators, Integrators, and Referrers can now earn ownership of their favorite protocols by completing Quests and collecting CUBEs. With onchain credentials, your achievements are preserved while unlocking Tokens, Dynamic Rewards, & Platform Boosts.

CUBEs for Tokens, XP, and Boosts

Token rewards can now be claimed by collecting CUBEs. With rich credentials representing onchain impact, protocols can now identify and incentivize quality users. Our V2 upgrade delivers the best platform for token distribution — and a vital utility for the cryptoeconomy.

How are rewards issued?

Experience Points and tokens such as ETH, OP, and USDC will be issued dynamically upon Quest completion. In other words, higher value transactions (a formula accounting for volume and gas cost) can earn more Dynamic Rewards. Complete Quests to level up in XP, activate Boosts in the Rewards Hub, and claim token rewards.

Dynamic Rewards are designed to incentivize greater onchain impact. If gas is high, you can earn more. If your transaction value is high, you can also earn more. You can view a breakdown of your Dynamic Rewards in each Quest.

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