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What is Layer3?

Discover the world of crypto like never before with Layer3. Our interactive Quests make learning and exploring crypto fun, engaging, and rewarding.
Collect CUBES to complete Quests, codify your onchain achievements, & unlock the Rewards Hub.

What's our Mission?

Our guiding star is the idea that decentralized discovery never ends.
Every day, we’re exploring and discovering crypto in a way that has never been done before. Call it curiosity—or call it an infinite “beginner’s mind,” every step we take is done with the curiosity and open-mindedness of someone approaching a new concept for the first time.
That’s what it feels like to be a user on Layer3: The magic of learning by doing, sharing, and earning.

How to use this Guidebook

The purpose of this guidebook is to serve as a resource for users and customers.
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