Rewards Hub

What rewards can CUBEs unlock?

By unifying Quest completions onchain, our credential unlocks new opportunities for explorers. Collect CUBEs to progress and claim rewards on Layer3:

  • ETH & ERC-20 tokens: Receive ETH, USDC, and other tokens for certain Quests.

  • Experience Points (XP): Leveling up in experience enables access to new Quests.

  • Gems: Our shiny in-game currency can be used to purchase XP Boosts, Swap & Bridge Discounts, Streak Repairs and more.

On the Rewards Hub you’ll earn Platform Boosts, with CUBEs as the key:

  • 2x XP Boosts

  • 3x XP Boosts

  • Swap Discounts

  • Bridge Discounts

  • Streak Repairs

Boosts are yours to activate whenever you want and last 24 hours. By collecting CUBEs and progressing on the Rewards Hub you’ll also earn Gems. Gems can be redeemed in the Shop for Boosts or Streak Repairs for the gm Button. Note: XP Boosts cannot be combined — e.g. activating a 3x XP Boost would replace your 2x XP Boost and start a new 24hr timer.

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