Embed Quests and Streaks

Leading crypto platforms can seamlessly integrate Layer3 adventures on their native sites with two simple lines of code. In addition, anyone can paste a link to embed Quests or Streaks on their blog, technical guides, or internal docs with no code required!

By interoperating with Layer3’s vibrant ecosystem – via enticing rewards, social activations, and multichain support – partners have an exceptional way to engage users directly on their platforms.

Here’s a live Quest Embed walkthrough via our partner WOOFi:

Built for anywhere

If your platform supports embeds, simply paste an embed-link for any Quest into your blog, open-source guides, or internal docs (i.e. via Notion). Take any un-gated quest URL, and add "/embedded" after "quests" in the URL. I.e. to embed ‘https://layer3.xyz/quests/get-started-with-layer3’ use ‘https://layer3.xyz/quests/embedded/get-started-with-layer3’.

Optimized for builders

Developers can enable Embeds with two lines of code. Once you’ve configured your Quest or Streak, you’ll get a code snippet to render it on your website or web application:

// <div class="layer3-quest layer3-card" data-quest-id="[quest_id]">
</div><script src="https://layer3.xyz/embed.js"></script>

This code will then render a Card that opens the experience when clicked. You can choose to have your own UI element (Button, Card, etc.) trigger the Quest if you’d prefer. The developer experience is designed to be turnkey while enabling a delightful end-user experience.

In parallel, Layer3 customers with Embeds are supported with exceptional co-marketing, and reporting behind the scenes.

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