What are CUBEs?

As a Credential to Unify Blockchain Events, CUBEs are ERC-721 tokens minted by completing Quests. By introducing CUBEs, your onchain impact is now unified into each credential. With rich data secured by IPFS, CUBEs are first deployed on the Base network with more chains coming soon. All popular wallets and NFT marketplaces are natively supported.

Different apps, chains, and ecosystems for each Quest are recorded on every CUBE token. With onchain credentials, explorers can unlock new opportunities while protocols can identify quality users. CUBEs are building blocks for omnichain impact — and keys to Layer3’s decentralized future.

Mint CUBEs to complete Quests, claim rewards, and build your onchain trophy case.

Why do I need to pay Gas/Fees to mint CUBEs?

Minting CUBEs unlocks rewards in the Layer3 economy such as Tokens, Dynamic Rewards, for completing Quests. As an onchain credential, interacting with CUBEs smart contracts requires a small network fee.

Why do I have to switch network to Base?

CUBEs will soon go multichain, enabling you to collect CUBEs on the same chain as your Quest actions. Our goal is to optimize for chains with the lowest gas costs while minimizing network switching across our CUBEs Quest lineup.

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