Swap Tokens and Bridge Chains

You can traverse across chains, wallets, applications, and assets — natively on our platform or within any Quest or Streak. Seamlessly Swap tokens on or Bridge between your favorite chains, near-instantly at the best prices possible. Whether USDC, ETH, or any native asset, each token is easily interchangeable with any other and across any leading chain.

Layer3 is the gateway to the crypto multiverse, enabling both seamless token swaps and asset bridging across popular blockchains. Our Bridge and Swap features have driven over $15M in volume owing to its unmatched liquidity, transparency, and speed enabled by Socket.

Swapping or Bridging steps are seamlessly integrated within many Quests and Journey – making it simple and easy to explore nearly any crypto platform. Collect CUBEs and unlock Swap & Bridge Discounts on the Reward Hub to drop fees to near-zero for 24hr.

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