Rewards on Layer3

You can earn an exciting variety of enticing rewards on Layer3:

  • CUBEs: As a Credential to Unify Blockchain Events, CUBEs are ERC-721 tokens minted by completing Quests. By introducing CUBEs, your onchain impact is now unified into each credential. Collect CUBEs to unlock the Rewards Hub.

  • Gems: Our shiny in-game currency can be used to purchase XP Boosts, Swap & Bridge Discounts, Streak Repairs and more in the Shop.

  • Experience Points (XP): XP represents your progress on Layer3. Earn XP to climb the Leaderboard and reach higher levels – while unlocking new Quests and platform perks. You can also earn XP every 24 hours by clicking our "GM" button 🔥.

  • Token: Certain Quests may reward ERC-20 tokens for completion. You can view active token-rewarding Quests here (note: many token Quests will require

  • Achievements and Chests: Celebrate key platform milestones with CUBEs and compete to acquire Rare and Legendary Chests (which can contain both XP and NFTs).

  • Discord Role: Earn Discord roles for completing a Quest. I.e. Gain access to Uniswap's Discord server.

On the Rewards Hub you’ll earn Platform Boosts, with CUBEs as the key:

  • 2x XP Boosts

  • 3x XP Boosts

  • Swap Discounts

  • Bridge Discounts

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