How does Layer3 work with Customers?


Are you building in crypto? Layer3 is your native user acquisition tool.
We help you reach, acquire, retain, and engage the right users.
How? Let's find out.

1. We capture user attention by meeting their discovery needs

We have 500,000+ users to come to Layer3 every day to explore different parts of the crypto ecosystem.
We curate unique, interactive onchain experiences (Quests) that show users how to use different products.
Quests vary in complexity but our goal is to guide users on a journey through our customer's products.
You can read more about how we capture user attention in the For Users section above.

2. We selectively partner with high-quality customers.

We only work with projects that are well-designed, audited, and provide real value to end users.

3. We partner with customers on a long-term basis.

Our contracts are 6+ months in length.
We build habit forming behavior around our customer's products by running a continuous series of Quests to target and re-target users.
Our goal is to work with customers in perpetuity.

4. We offer incredible service.

Our team and infrastructure removes the brain damage required to reach and acquire users.
Quest Development & Production
  • Concept and design for monthly Quests
  • Creation of Quest content (e.g. copy, images, animations, videos, etc.)
  • Development of Quest functionality
  • Testing and quality assurance
Marketing & Promotion
  • Development and execution of a comprehensive marketing and promotion plan for the Quests
  • Creation of marketing materials (e.g. social media posts, email campaigns, banner, etc)
Technical Support and User Assistance
  • Ongoing technical support to ensure the Quests run smoothly and any issues are resolved quickly
  • User assistance to help participants navigate the Quests and troubleshoot any problems
  • Reporting and documentation to provide regular updates on progress and ensure transparency with your client's community

How do I get my project on Layer3?

Fill out our onboarding form here.